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2019 ??? ?? ??? - Up Koopartoo Ramp to Koopartoo Point, then down Koopartoo Pass , NSW Wollemi Nat Pk

2019 ??? ?? ??? - Seven Gods Pinnacles, NSW Budawangs

2019 ??? ?? ??? - Russells Needle, NSW Nattai Nat Pk

2019 ??? ?? ??? - Mt Victoria & Sugarloaf Mountain, NSW Blue Mts

2019 Sep 21 Sat - Witches Watch, Hecates Cauldron and Tara Point, NSW Ben Bullen State Forest

2019 Sep 15 Sun - Red Ledge Pass, Psyn Cave, Dixons Ladder, NSW Blue Mts

2019 Aug 15 Thu - Ariadne Thread, Minotaur Lair, NSW Wollemi Nat Pk ... Yay ! Done !

2019 Aug 12 Mon - Blair Athol Coal Mine, NSW Blue Mts ... Yay ! Done !

2019 Aug 04 Sun - Tesselate Hill & unnamed 734-meter hill north of it (again), NSW Blue Mts ... Yay ! Done !

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I haven't visited the places below ... they are all high on my to-do list :

In alphabetical order:

ACT - Mt Clear
Start at: Mt Clear Campground
Difficulties: Shouldn't be hard

ACT - Mt Rob Roy & Rose Hill Trig & Big Monk
- Start at ACTEW substation south of Theodor
- Follow a fire-trail to Callaghan Hill
- Continue to Mount Rob Roy by a route partly on fire-trail and partly steeply uphill off-track
- From there, proceed to Rose Hill Trig, some off track but mostly on track.
- From Rose Hill Trig, a mixture of on and off track to the Big Monk
- From where there is a steep descent to Banks and then a rough foot track back to the cars.
Distance: 20 km
Difficulty: Medium, mostly on track with some off track bits

ACT - Pierces Trig
Difficulties: Easy, on track

ACT - Split Rock
Difficulties: ?
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJG54yq26vM

ACT - Any of the 68 named peaks in ACT above 1000 meters
Called the ACT's Percies ... see http://www.johnevans.id.au/wp/other-resources/act-high-hills/the-acts-percies/

NSW Ben Bullen State Forest - Tyldesley Hill
Difficulties: Easy

NSW Blue Mts - Goolara Peak & Goolara Gully
Start at Dunphys Camping Area
- Ironpot Mtn & Tinpot Mtn
- Goolara Peak
- Coxs River
- Goolara Gully
- Ironpot Mtn
- Dunphys Camping Area
Distance: 15 km
Difficulties: Medium, track & off-track

NSW Blue Mts - Mt Victoria & Sugar Loaf
Start on Mt York Rd.
Walk along Berghofer's track.
Then cross the highway to Mt Vic.

NSW Blue Mts - Tinpot Hill & Goolara Peak
Start at Dunphys Camping Area
- Tinpot Hill
- Galong Creek
- Coxs River
- Grand Bluffs
- Goolara Peak
- Tinpot Mtn & Ironpot Mtn
- Dunphys Camping Area
Distance: 15 km
Difficulties: Medium, track & off-track
Route: Similar to https://www.dropbox.com/sc/7jecvcuoykk4j2e/AADo_HG3sm570x2PJi8t6fVRa

NSW Budawangs - Hidden Valley

NSW Budawangs - Monolith Valley / Shroulded Gods Mtn

NSW Budawangs - Mt Owen
Difficulties: hard, significant off-track component

NSW Burning Mountain at Scone
Difficulty: Easy

NSW Columbey Sugarloaf
Midway between Paterson & Clarence Town
Start at junction of Clarence Town Rd and Eagleton Road
Distance: 10 km return
Difficulty: ?

NSW Mt Kaputar Nat Pk - Mt Kaputar
Difficulty: Can't be that hard ???

NSW Mt Morgan & Half Moon Peak
Difficulty: Can't be too hard

NSW Mt Royal Nat Pk - Pieries Peak, Mt Royal, Mt Carrow
Difficulty - Pieries Peak: 1 hr - easy
See http://concreteplayground.com/sydney/travel-leisure/leisure/the-eight-best-mountain-walks-near-sydney/
Difficulty - Mt Royal: ?
Difficulty - Mt Carrow: ?

NT - Mt Giles
Group tour: 5 Day Mt Giles Explorer Trek: guided hike up a desert peak
See http://www.treklarapinta.com.au/LarapintaTrailTours/MtGiles.html
Difficulty: Moderate

Qld - Glasshouse Mountain

Vic Grampians - Mt Difficult

-----Outside Australa--------------------------------------------------------------

China - Mount Siguniang

Indonesia - Mt Bromo
Difficulty: Easy

Indonesia - Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi
Difficulty: Easy, don't need a guide, just go with the flow of the tourists, need a face mask for the Sulfur fume

Indonesia - Mt Merapi
Climb it from Yogyakarta
I think Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple maybe near there.

Indonesia - Mt Rinjani
Difficulty: Haven't done any research on this ... can't be too hard  :-)

Lord Howe Island

Turkey - Mt Ararat
Difficulty: Medium - according to World Expeditions

USA, Utah, Zion National Park

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