Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

( ... Continue from the 1st acclimatization climb, )

Day 2 is the 2nd acclimatization climb to Rucu Pichincha, 4698 meters.

We leave Quito in the morning and drive by car to the Cruz Loma, about 10 kilometers west of Quito. From there, it is a leisurely hike of 2.5 hrs to the summit. The day is a much colder than the previous day to Pasochoa as the elevation is higher.

After the climb, we have lunch in a hut by the mountain side (the Ecuadorians call it a Refuge) and is back to Quito in the afternoon.

To the pictures: (To enlarge a photo, click on it.)

1.) On the way to Rucu Pichincha - Typical rural street scene

2.) We park our car here and start the hike.

3 & 4.) Rucu Pichincha

5.) Chuquiragua plant - we encounter plenty of them on the mountain. It is supposed to have medicinal value.

6.) Small purple flowers growing on the mountain side

7.) Our group: Left to right - Annette, Brigette, Josh, Annette's son (I forgot his name), Frank the mountain guide and Jose the driver

8.) We encounter a group of cheerful locals on a sightseeing trip.

9 & 10.) Heading towards the peak

11.) Reaching the summit of Rucu Pichincha

12.) Just at the time my photo is being taken at the summit, the clouds roll in and everything is white-out.

13.) Coming down the summit

14.) Coming down the mountain and heading towards the mountain hut which is in the middle of this pic. (Click on the pic to enlarge it.)

15.) We have our lunch inside the hut. In Ecuador, a mountain hut such as this one is called a Refuge.

The next day is the 3rd acclimatization climb to Illiniza Norte ... refer

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