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Mt Gingera & Mt Ginini, ACT, Australia

2013 January: climb Mt Gingera & Mt Ginini from Corin Dam - ACT, Australia

Prolog - List of 11 highest named peaks in ACT

I've compiled this list of 11 highest named peaks in ACT.  One day, I like to climb them all. Contact me if you wish to do so too. (Data is from Rooftop's map called "Namadgi - ACT South Activities Map" 2011 edition.)

•  01   1913 m   Bimberi Peak - photos and write up on this climb are in my blogs:
From east:
From west:

•  02   1856 m   Mt Gingera - this climb

•  03   1846 m   Mt Murray

•  04   1826 m   Mt Kelly - photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  05   1810 m   Unnamed peak just east of Mt Scabby - Easting: 668144; Northing: 6041045
          1791 m   Mt Scabby - Easting: 667725; Northing: 6041140

•  06   1784 m   Mt Namadgi - photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  **   1766 m   Ginger Ale (unnamed on paper maps);  on ACT/NSW border, between Leura Gap & Blackfellows Gap - photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  07   1763 m   Mt Ginini - this climb

•  08   1740 m   Mt Gudgenby

•  09   1738 m   Little Ginini - photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  10   1727 m   Sentry Box Mountain eastern peak - Easting: 672182; Northing: 6033836
          1697 m   Sentry Box Mountain western peak - Easting: 671412; Northing: 6033807
Photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  11   1724 m   Mt Burbidge - photos and write up on this climb are in my blog:

•  **   1711 m   Mt Mavis (unnamed on paper maps) - Easting: 672279; Northing: 6049323  (just north-east of Mt Namadgi;  east of Big Creamy Flats

Today's climb - Mt Gingera & Mt Ginini:
As I have already climbed Bimberi Peak, the highest mountain in ACT, naturally the next target is the 2nd highest mountain, Mt Gingera, 1856 meters, which I duly climb today.

And since we are around this area, we climbed Mt Ginini as well, 1763 meters.

The starting point of our hike is Corin Dam - 970 meters. Hence the elevation gain to Mt Gingera is 886 meters, not a height to sneeze at  :-)

Hiking route:
- Park car at Corin Dam.
- Follow Stockyard Spur Walking Track westward to Mt Franklin Road.
- Turn south into Mt Franklin Rd.
- 2.2 kilometers later, turn west into a narrow foot trail to climb Mt Gingera.
- From the summit, retrace steps to Mt Franklin Rd.
- Walk on Mt Franklin Rd northward to Mt Ginini.
- From the Ginini summit, retrace steps to the junction of Mt Franklin Rd & Stockyard Spur Walking Track.
- Retrace steps on Stockyard Spur Walking Track back to Corin Dam.

KML file:
Our walk can be downloaded from:

Hiking distance & time:
30 km
9.5 hrs
Fast pace ... It is always a fast pace when walking with Tania  :-)

•  8626-1N Corin Dam  1:25,000
•  8626 Tantangara  1:100,000
•  Rooftop's "Namadgi - ACT South Activities Map"  2011 edition;  1:50,000

I take along 3 litres of water. This is not enough as it is a relatively hot day ... must make a mental note to take 4 litres of water in future in similar conditions.

08:07  0.0 km - Start at Corin Dam carpark
10:07  6.4 km - At junction of Stockyard Spur Walking Track and Mt Franklin Rd
10:53  8.6 km - At junction of Mt Franklin Rd and foot trail to Mt Gingera
11:25  9.9 km - At Mt Gingera summit

----- 1 hr 8 mins lunch and exploring around

12:33   9.9 km - Leave Mt Gingera summit
14:29  18.5 km - At Mt Ginini summit

----- 8 mins exploring around

14:37  18.5 km - Leave Mt Ginini summit
15:55  23.6 km - At junction of Mt Franklin Rd and Stockyard Spur Walking Track
17:37  30.0 km - At Corin Dam carpark

----- Total: 9 hr 30 mins; 30 km

Weather forecast was for a rainy day in ACT. But apart from some clouds in the morning, by midday, it is hot and sunny. You just can't trust weather forecasts!

Only Tania and I are on this walk. We park the car at Corin Dam, walk on the Stockyard Spur Walking Track, then Mt Franklin Rd, then a narrow foot trail to ACT's 2nd highest mountain, Mt Gingera (1856 meters). I had intended to call it a day then. But the indefatigable Tania pushes us to climb Mt Ginini too (1763 meters). All up, it is 30 km in 9.5 hrs - a good aerobic workout.

The weather forecast turns out to be correct ... because at 5pm, while we are still walking, a few drops of rain start to come down. After we are back at the car and on our way to Canberra, the rain pours down in such a heavy deluge that my car's windscreen wiper becomes totally ineffective.


1)  Corin Dam - Starting point of the walk

From Corin Dam, we walk on the Stockyard Spur Walking Track, then to Mt Franklin Road.

There are interesting photos of both Stockyard Spur Walking Track and Mt Franklin Road in my blog on Little Ginini Mountain and Ginger Ale ... click on:

2)  2 hr 20 mins later, Mt Gingera is in sight - highest point in this pic (taken from Mt Franklin Rd)

3)  A tree stump with a blue stone on top marks the junction to turn from Mt Franklin Road into a narrow foot trail for Mt Gingera summit.

4)  This is the narrow foot trail mention above. It is like this most of the way to the top.

5)  After 9.9 kilometers and 3 hr 20 mins of walking, we arrive at Mt Gingera summit (1856 meters). We have lunch around here and spent sometime exploring here and there.

6)  Tania at the summit

7, 8)  View from the summit

9)  Small alpine flowers are strewn all over this mountain.

10)  Coming down the summit, I almost step on this Blue Tongue Lizard sunning itself on the trail. It doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. We need to poke it a few times with a stick before it scampers away into the surrounding grass. (It looks quite like a poisonous Gila Monster that lives in the Southwestern United States and Mexico.)

11)  We are on our way to Mt Ginini and come across this weird leaf with pods growing all over it.

12)  Mt Ginini is insight - highest point near the centre of this pic.

13)  Top of Mt Ginini (1763 meters) is a disappointment for us hikers. It is an air navigation facility, fenced off to prevent us from reaching the highest point. There are also too many trees around blocking any view to anywhere. But at least we can claim we've been to Mt Ginini.

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