Thursday, February 1, 2018

To-do list

I haven't visited these places yet ... they are all high on my to-do list.  If you are interested to join in, contact me:
Email: (

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In alphabetical order:

ACT - Mt Clear
Start at: Mt Clear Campground
Difficulties: Shouldn't be hard

ACT - Mt Murray
Start at: ?
Distance: ? km
Difficulty: Medium, half on track, half bushbashing

ACT - Mt Rob Roy & Rose Hill Trig & Big Monk
- Start at ACTEW substation south of Theodor
- Follow a fire-trail to Callaghan Hill
- Continue to Mount Rob Roy by a route partly on fire-trail and partly steeply uphill off-track
- From there, proceed to Rose Hill Trig, some off track but mostly on track.
- From Rose Hill Trig, a mixture of on and off track to the Big Monk
- From where there is a steep descent to Banks and then a rough foot track back to the cars.
Distance: 20 km
Difficulty: Medium, mostly on track with some off track bits

ACT - Mt Scabby
Start at: ?
Difficulty: ?, mostly bushbashing

ACT - Pierces Trig
Difficulties: Easy, on track

ACT - Split Rock
Difficulties: ?

ACT - Any of the 68 named peaks in ACT above 1000 meters
Called the ACT's Percies ... see

NSW Ben Bullen State Forest - Tyldesley Hill
Difficulties: Easy

NSW Blue Mts - Goolara Peak & Goolara Gully
Start at Dunphys Camping Area
- Ironpot Mtn & Tinpot Mtn
- Goolara Peak
- Coxs River
- Goolara Gully
- Ironpot Mtn
- Dunphys Camping Area
Distance: 15 km
Difficulties: Medium, track & off-track
Route: Similar to

NSW Blue Mts - Tinpot Hill & Goolara Peak
Start at Dunphys Camping Area
- Tinpot Hill
- Galong Creek
- Coxs River
- Grand Bluffs
- Goolara Peak
- Tinpot Mtn & Ironpot Mtn
- Dunphys Camping Area
Distance: 15 km
Difficulties: Medium, track & off-track

NSW Budawang - Byangee Mountain
Difficulties: Medium/hard, significant off-track component
Distance: 16 km

NSW Budawang - Corang Arch
Distance: 25 km
Time: 8 hours by John Evans

NSW Budawang - Hidden Valley

NSW Budawang - Monolith Valley

NSW Budawang - Pidgeon House Mountain
Distance: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy, track walk only

NSW Burning Mountain at Scone
Difficulty: Easy

NSW Columbey Sugarloaf
Midway between Paterson & Clarence Town
Start at junction of Clarence Town Rd and Eagleton Road
Distance: 10 km return
Difficulty: ?

NSW Gardens of Stone Nat Pk - Mt Wolgan
Difficulty: Easy

NSW Mt Kaputar Nat Pk - Mt Kaputar
Difficulty: Can't be that hard ???

NSW Mt Morgan & Half Moon Peak
Difficulty: Can't be too hard

NSW Mt Royal Nat Pk - Pieries Peak, Mt Royal, Mt Carrow
Difficulty - Pieries Peak: 1 hr - easy
Difficulty - Mt Royal: ?
Difficulty - Mt Carrow: ?

NT - Mt Giles
Group tour: 5 Day Mt Giles Explorer Trek: guided hike up a desert peak
Difficulty: Moderate

Qld - Glasshouse Mountain

Vic Grampians - Mt Difficult

-----Outside Australa--------------------------------------------------------------

Indonesia - Mt Bromo
Difficulty: Easy

Indonesia - Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi
Difficulty: Easy, don't need a guide, just go with the flow of the tourists, need a face mask for the Sulfur fume

Indonesia - Mt Merapi
Climb it from Yogyakarta
I think Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple maybe near there.

Indonesia - Mt Rinjani
Difficulty: Haven't done any research on this ... can't be too hard  :-)

Lord Howe Islabd

Turkey - Mt Ararat
Difficulty: Medium - according to World Expeditions

USA, California, Yosemite National Park - Half Dome Hike
Difficulty: Hard

USA, Utah, Zion National Park


  1. Pieries Peak is very easy, just takes an hour or so. What is much more interesting in that area is Mt Royal and Mt Carrow.

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thanks, I didn't know that :-)
      I'll add your suggestions to my list :-)