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Blackfellows Hand Rock, Maiyingu Marragu, NSW, Australia

2016 December: Short walk to Blackfellows Hand Rock in Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand Reserve), NSW, Australia


HT, NC, FM, HK and I spent most of the day exploring areas north of Blackfellows Hand Rock and in the Temple of Doom area. (Refer: )

Before we go home, we make a visit to the rock.

Blackfellows Hand Rock

Also called Blackfellows Hand Cave, it is a natural rock overhang. Its rock wall is an aborigines art gallery from ages ago ... mostly hand prints. In the past, aborigines tribes around this area gathered here as a meeting place.

- GR 317 092
- In Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand Reserve), NSW  (It is an enclave within Newnes State Forest, under the control of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.)
- About 24 km north of Lithgow Post Office, just off Wolgan Road to Newnes


- 1:25,000 scaled 8931-3N Cullen Bullen
- 1:100,000 scaled 8931 Wallerawang

Here is the 1:25,000 scaled map of the relevant part of this trip. The track to Blackfellows Hand Rock is not shown on the map. So I have drawn our tracklog (red colour) on it.  Also, scroll forward to see the satellite image.

GPS tracklog file & Route

Our GPX tracklog file can be downloaded from:

The same tracklog, red colour, superimposed on the satellite image ~~~
- Yellow dot: Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand Reserve) carpark ... where HT's car is parked.
- Yellow arrow: GR 317 092 ... The section of the rock wall where most of the hand prints are located.

In summary:
- Start at Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand Reserve) carpark
- To Blackfellows Hand Rock
- Return to HT's car at the carpark

Timeline & Distance

15:34  0.0 km   Start at carpark for visitors to Blackfellows Hand Rock
15:38  0.2 km   At the rock wall where most of the aborigines hand prints are

Take photographs of the hand prints

15:40  0.25km  Resume walking ... to walk further along the rock wall
15:43  0.3 km   At as far east as we are willing to go for today
16:00  0.7 km   Back at HT's car


Total:  0 hr 26 mins  (leisurely pace)
           0.7 km   Distance is from Google Earth
           0.85km  Distance is from Garmin GPS

Pictures - To Blackfellows Hand Rock

1)  There is a track to Blackfellows Hand Rock. A tree trunk on the ground blocks 4-wheel-drives from barging in.
I will revisit this area 7 months later, in 2017-07. The tree trunk will be replaced by a series of steps. Photos and trip report will be written up soon ... whatever soon means  :-)

2)  It isn't far to walk. The cliffs in front is where we are heading to.
Left to right; HK, HT, NC, FM

3)  When we reach the cliff, we'll turn left.

4)  We've reached the cliff of the previous pic, and have turned left.
- Left to right: HK, HT

5)  Soon, we come to this sign which says:
Australian Aborigines made these drawings. They help us to understand a way of life which is now past. Once destroyed they cannot be replaced.
Please do not interfere in any way with the art or with any part of this site.
Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, it is an offence to destroy, deface or damage any Aboriginal relic in New South Wales. Penalty: $1000 or imprisonment for six months or both.

6)  There is also a metal box with visitors' log book inside.
- Upper pic, left to right: HT, NC, FM, HK
- Lower pic, top to bottom: HK, HT, FM, NC

Aborigines hand prints on Blackfellows Hand Rock

7)  All the aborigines hand prints are on this section of the rock wall ... we are standing in front of it now. (There is one lone hand print beyond the left edge of the below pic ... see photo #13.)
It is not far from the carpark to here ... 4 minutes, 200 meters.

8)  FM pointing to the hand prints

9)  Continuation to the right of previous pic

10)  More hand prints
That's all the hand prints we can find on this section of the wall.

Further along Blackfellows Hand Rock

11)  We walk further along (towards east).
Left to right: NC, HK, HT, FM

12)  This is as far east as we'll go.

13)  At the rock wall of the previous pic, there is a lone hand print.

14)  We've turned around; and now walking back along the rock wall towards the car.

Return to car

15)  Returning to the car ... HT's car is in front.
Left to right: NC, HT, FM, HB

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