Monday, August 6, 2012

Port Hedland boulders, WA, Australia

2012 August: Boulders at 120km south of Port Hedland, WA, Australia

On the way back to Port Hedland from Karijini National Park, we come across some boulders close by the Great Northern Highway and about 120km south of Port Hedland.  They seem interesting, so we stop the car and walk to the boulders to check them out.

The precise location plus the trail of our walk is in a KML file downloadable from:
Its Google Earth screen print is this image: (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

There is a faint 4-wheel-drive track which allows you to drive right to the base of the boulders.  But we park the car at the side of the highway instead as it is only half a kilometer away.

If anyone knows the name of this place, let me know.  It is a certainly an interesting spot, well worth loitering around for a while if you are passing through here.

The highest point of this formation is about 250 meters above sea level.

Time Spent:
This mini excursion takes about 1 hour 45 minutes in total.  Well, no point getting back to Port Heland too early as it is a rather boring town with nothing much to do.

1, 2) This is it.  We are walking towards it.

3.) Amongst the boulders now

4.) Same boulder as the previous pic, different angle ... with Grayson and his funny witch hat.

5.) Same boulder as the previous 2 pics, different angle again ... with our shadows taking pictures

6.) Same boulder again! ... with Grayson and his funny witch hat.

7.) As we climb higher, we get a nice view of the flat plain below.  The large boulder is the same one as the previous 4 pics.

8.) Heading to the top of this formation

9.) One of the many boulders

10.) Grayson trying to dislodge the rock ... without success.

11.) At the top of the boulders ... nice scenery of the flat plain below

12.) On returning to the car, I stand on this Great Northern Highway. It is so dead straight that you can easily fall asleep while driving.


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