Sunday, August 23, 2020

Deception Canyon to Delusional Slot, Wollemi NP, NSW, Australia

2020 August:  Short day-trip, circuit

Wollemi National Park, NSW, Australia
   - Deception Canyon
   - Wild Slots
   - Delusional Pass & Delusional Slot

Paul ... leading
        David Hou
        Joanne Zou
        Lisa Li
        Yusrin Mulia

Better is to extend the walk to incorporating Dry Canyon, as I'll do in 2022-Jan & 2022-Mar.
Check out the trip report in this link:

Deception Canyon (2022-Jan)
  Canyon floor is the yellow dot.
  We'll be down there !

Delusional Slot (2022-Jan)
  Fissure on the right.
  But today, 2020-Aug, we climb up the fissure on the left.

More Pictures

GPS Tracklog file

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