Friday, June 15, 2007

Diamond Head Crater, Hawaii

2007 June: Climb Diamond Head Crater - Hawaii - 1-hour trip

When in Honolulu, you must and you should and you just have to walk up the Diamond Head Crater. It is Hawaii's premier natural landmark and is recognized around the world as a symbol of Honolulu.

To get there, take the Blue Line Trolley. Get off inside the Diamond Head Crater. You know you are inside the crater when the Trolley passes through a tunnel drilled through the crater wall.

The track is steeped in history. You walk on the same path as the US soldiers did during WWII. They trudged daily up this trail to the summit (232 meters) to look out for Japanese warships.

The track consists of many switchbacks, steep stairways, long dark tunnels, and a spiral stairwell. When you reach the top, you are presented with a magnificient panoramic view of the Oahu coast, Honolulu city and Pearl Harbour!!!

1: The track starts here. The summit is the first peak on the left of the 3 humps.

2: Zooming in onto the peak

3, 4: You can see the zigzag swtichbacks in the next 2 photos.

5: There are 2 of these long dark tunnels. There is no light inside them. I think the authorities want to recreate the atmosphere as it was during the war. It is quite safe to walk in the dark ... you can hang on to the rail.

6: And there are 2 of these looong stairs.

7: And a circular stairwell

8, 9: You need to bend down to get through this hole. Here is a tip: Don't wear a mini skirt. If you insist, then put on underpants.

10: Here is the summit.

11, 12, 13, 14: Breath-taking views of the Oahu coast and Honolulu.

15: You can make out shape of the circular crater. The small black dot near the centre of the photo is the road tunnel through the crater wall.

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