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Kosciuszko, Australia

2007 December: 3-hour return trip - Climb Mt Kosciuszko - Australia's highest mountain (in NSW)

A return visit was made to Mt Kosciuszko and Mt Townsend from Dead Horse Gap in 2011 April ... refer to my blog and photos in:

A much better way to enjoy the beauty of the Kosciuszko Nation Park is to do a circuit walk, starting from Charlotte Pass, head north to Blue Lake, then climb Little Twynam, Mt Twynam, Carruthers Peak, Mt Townsend, Mt Kosciuszko and back to the car ... thus bagging the 3 highest peaks of Australia (Kosciuszko, Townsand and Twynam) all in one day. Photos and write up on such a trip is in:

This Christmas, met up with the Kai family at Thredbo, and went for a walkie on the roof of Australia. In the past, we always met once a year in Melbourne. This time, it is a pleasant change from the usual routine.

2228 meters, that is how high, ooops, I mean how low Kosciuszko is. Ah well, Australia doesn't have high mountains, and Kosciuszko is the highest we've got.

There are many ways to reach the summit. The easiest way is to take the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift at Thredbo. In summer, this is the only chairlift operating. Get off at the top station, then follow an eco-friendly raised mesh walkway all the way to the peak. Return trip is around 3 hours, level-ish walk almost all the way. Well, that was how we did it, too simple!

Ok, some pictures: (To enlarge a photo, click on it.)

1: On the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift looking back towards Thredbo

2: On the same chairlift looking towards Eagles Nest station - the top station

3, 4: Eco-friendly raised mesh walkway. The round hill in the middle of the pictures is Mt Kosciuszko, 2228 meters.

5, 6: Scenery around the roof of Australia

7: This is Australia's highest named lake, Lake Cootapatamba. You can take a swim, but the water would be very cold.

8: Me (left) and Kai at the summit

Mt Townsend, Australia's 2nd highest mountain is only about 2 hours away one way northward (5-km's walk). We didn't do it this time. My knees weren't feeling well throughout this year. But one day, I hope to be back here again and climb Mt Townsend as well. Keep tracking this blog!!!

PS. Made it to Mt Townsend a few times since then ... 2 of my blogs and photos:

- From Charlotte Pass: Little Twynam - Mt Twynam - Carruthers Peak - Mt Townsend - Mt Kosciuszko


- From Dead Horse Gap: Mt Kosciuszko - Muellers Peak - Mt Townsend

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    the explorer who gave the mountain its name


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